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Competitions (A & B) have a combined cash prize pool of $5000.

(A) Crypto Challenge with Deloitte: Hack together a prototype, pitch your concept and flex your gains on the blockchain.

(B) Dive into Data with Opentext: Analyze datasets, interpret results and present a compelling prediction... bring out the data ninja in you.

(C) Startup Stage: Working on a startup? Pitch your company and get feedback. Find a co-founder or land a mentor. Uncover a rocketship idea. Take your startup to the next level.

(D) Maker Fair: Show off your cool side project or wow other delegates with the latest from your Club or Design team. Meet fellow indie makers and inspire your peers to build more.

(E) Ignite Fiesta: Work-life balance is a thing - unleash the singer/dancer/musician/magician/comedian/performer in you! Practice your craft, gather feedback from a supportive crowd, get closer to landing your next big gig.

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